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hacked  web  page

türk hack team . org

by  16player16   and  ZoRRoKiN

who is  Who is that Turk Hack Team?

Turk Hack Team was established by Arsenik in 2002.
We’re the one of earliest cyber team of Turkey.
Ours administrators are Arsenik, Admin, OnLy, Se-ZeR, ZoRRoKiN, ?????oz1?1?, ‘TURKSTFN, Black-Box, DeneyimsizDenek, TheKar1zma and UNEQUAL.
We have a lot of offensive attack about cyber security.
We identify ourselves as Turkish Hacker group that based on Kemalist and Nationalist ideas.
First of all, we got famous by hacking Microsoft-origin msn.com under the leadership of ZoRRoKiN.